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Ankit’s performance was truly the best part of our ceremony! His art brought such a unique experience for our guests and set such a beautiful vibe for our wedding. In addition to the classic shehnai song list requested by my Dad, he also played some American classics that were so fun for our friends and family. Ankit went above and beyond to help us plan the right music and ambiance and guided us through every detail to make the experience easy. I had always dreamed of having live shehnai music at my wedding one day, and he made that a reality. I am so grateful! 


Ankit was hands down our favorite part of our wedding weekend! He played during our wedding and brought such a great ambiance to the whole event. Additionally, we had asked him to play some Bollywood Shehnai during our reception dinner and it was such a hit. Our guests were absolutely impressed with him - they loved the ambiance during the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed the Bollywood Shehnai during dinner. Ankit even took a song suggestion from me, created and practiced it, and it was absolutely exquisite. It was such a special moment to experience.  Having Ankit / Shehnai Guy was my non-negotiable during the wedding weekend and I am so happy we were able to have him. We highly recommend him as he is the perfect compliment to any wedding. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and giving us the gift of music! 


Besides being a stellar Shehnai player, Ankit is also an amazing person. When all of our plans changed due to COVID, Ankit was beyond flexible and he was committed to bringing the essence of Rajasthan to our wedding ceremony. He coordinated directly with our Tabla player, wedding planner and the Hindu priest to ensure that the music matched the flow of the ceremony. He went above and beyond to also learn Rajasthani songs on the Shehnai to bring the Rajput Rajasthani flair to our ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful and the guests were stunned by the melodious music! If you're looking for a unique, memorable experience for your wedding, having Ankit perform is an absolute pleasure and must.


We had such an awesome experience getting Ankit for our wedding! Not only did we enjoy the serenity of the music throughout the ceremony, but all of our guests were very impressed with how Ankit authentically captured the essence of a traditional Indian wedding. He went above and beyond to ensure that the bridal entry was exactly as we imagined. We wanted an immaculate blend of traditional vibes infused with a modern touch and he totally pulled through! I would say getting Shehnai guy for our wedding was likely the easiest and best decision we made and would recommend him to all couples!


Thank you for coming to our wedding and keeping this traditional classical instrument alive with your performance.  We couldn’t have been more happy with the ambiance you helped create for our ceremony. We will cherish these moments for the rest of our lives!


We searched high and low for an artist for our wedding, and when we finally found Ankit, he was the perfect fit. He came up to NY from Atlanta. He worked with us (and the many stakeholders on our side) to put together a set list, procession, and vibe that made everyone in the family happy. The music was so beautiful and all of our guests complimented it. We highly recommend him!


Growing up, our parents always told us how back in the day the Shehnai was played for royalty during marriage. With that in mind, as well as having lost both of our fathers before our wedding, we decided to ask Shehnai Guy to perform at our ceremony as a way to honor them. It was a beautiful compliment to our wedding. Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us by helping to make a blissfully bittersweet day into something extremely meaningful.

About Shehnai Guy

My name is Ankit Patel and I’m eager to share the distinct sound of the Shehnai with the world.

My passion is to learn, play, and show everyone that this beautiful Indian musical instrument still exists. I want to spread the word about it so that it is never forgotten.

My way of playing the Shehnai is rather unconventional as I don’t like locking myself in the traditionalist box. In my collection, you may hear both contemporary and old songs and melodies. I mix the authentic tonal qualities of the Shehnai with modern beat production.

I have four original tracks that have a very unique sound and they’re available on YouTube and other streaming platforms for you to listen to and download.

My music has already earned me quite a lot of loyal fans on social media, with thousands of followers on Instagram alone.

I perform live shehnai at Indian weddings around the world. If you’ve already hired an Indian wedding planner, be sure to talk to them about live music for your wedding.


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