5 Occasions that require MUSIC for any Hindu Wedding

Preparing for your wedding can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but also the most stressful! There are many details to think about such as food, décor, and music. Never fear! We’ve outlined 5 occasions that require music for any Hindu wedding ceremony and provided tips on how to choose the perfect song for each moment. 

1. Groom Entrance

After the Baraat while the bride & groom’s family meet, get the guests to freshen up and take a seat in the hall. When ready, the groom should enter like a boss to his favorite upbeat and hype music. 

Bonus points: Have the Dholi escort the groom in for an unforgettable entrance!

2. Bridal Party Entrance

This includes flower girls & bridesmaids walking down the aisle. Try choosing a soothing instrumental melody for this occasion to properly set the tone for the bride’s entrance. Playing a simple track here will keep your guest’s focus on the bridal party and allow them to prepare for the bride to enter.

3. Bride’s Entrance


Possibly the most important song of the ceremony. Since the Bridal Party instrumental has set the tone, play an actual lyrical track here. This track should be something that both the bride and groom deeply connect with and has significant meaning for them. Consider raising the volume slightly to create an uplifting vibe.

4. Phera

The Phera symbolizes vows made to each other and is the main ritual in the ceremony. For each circle the couple makes, a specific celebratory song can be played. Songs about love, and triumph in relationships fit this moment particularly well.

5. Vidaai

As a bride, you probably don’t want to think about this as it can be a very emotional moment for everyone involved, but your family will be there to see you off as you ride away with your new husband. There are many classic Vidaai songs to choose from for this touching moment but focus on finding something heartwarming and meaningful to you and your family.

Things to Consider 

  • Mute the Panditji microphone during all entrances for best sound quality.
  • Traditionally, Shehnai is played in the background during the entire ceremony.
  • If you want only close family and friends present for the Vidaai, put the photoshoot before. Most guests will filter out by then.

While these tips and tricks are helpful, and following tradition is important, the most crucial thing when selecting music for your wedding is that it is meaningful to the couple and their families. After all, a wedding is all about celebrating the union of two individuals and rejoicing that love has prevailed against all odds. Having genuine heartfelt music will perfectly reflect this and guarantee a beautiful day for everyone.

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Images Courtesy of Bhowmik Dave Photography